Victim Advocates: Turning Pain into Purpose

There are victims of unimaginable tragedy who channel their pain into positive energy—whether it is providing inspirational behavior change messages or advocating for new, stronger laws. The refrain is, “I don’t want this to happen to another child, or another parent.” We’ll hear the stories from several heroes and learn how to open the door to devastated parents—so they can change hearts.


Government’s Indispensable Role in Child Safety

It has been said that society is best measured by how we care for their most vulnerable, the youngest children and our senior citizens. Based on that centuries-old philosophy, government has had a significant role in their health, safety and prevention. And, laws work to save lives. The steady decrease in road deaths, matched by the passage of thousands of safety lives is evidence of this. We’ll hear from a federal regulator, a Mayor and a state legislator on how they use their power and creativity to help keep our kids safe.


Camera Ready: Media Training for Safety Pros

Are you ready for television? In this plenary, we’ll train you to interview like a pro. Learn how to prepare for a television interview, how to speak in compelling soundbites, how to bridge from a poor question to a smart answer and some secrets for success from savvy media experts.


Driverless Cars and Kids: Life-Saving Opportunities and Challenges

Sooner than we think, we’ll be riding in cars without a driver. Autonomous cars on test runs can be seen on Route 101 in California and on Tempe, Arizona streets. Because over 90 percent of car crash are the result of human error, the opportunity for saving lives is significant, and there are question marks, too. Join us for this mind-provoking plenary on the questions that revolve around autonomous vehicles for our children, whether they are newborns leaving the hospital or a teen on their way home from the prom.